I am a licensed radio amateur. My callsign is 2E0JPM and my QTH code is IO91MK (Earley in Reading) my other details are on

This page shows pictures of my projects. I am always updating this page with new things so please bear with me if the page is in a bit of a mess!

Any questions then email me (email also on QRZ)

This is my shack, it is actually a shelf in a cupboard in my bedroom but I have an antenna connection that goes out to a 2m/70cms collinear vertical on the side of the house:

Tape yagi


Antenna facing north ready to receive STRaND 1

Folded up on the tripod where it is mounted with cable ties

2013-03-02 11.21.52.jpg

The antenna fully unfolded

Top-down view of the main element. There was a suggestion to use 7 turns of coax as a balun which you can see wrapped in electrical tape to the right of the element

10 meter driveway challenge!

This is my 10 meter half-wave dipole that is strung accross my front drive way.

Here you may be able to see the antenna erected between the window, the string is currently trapped in it, and the tree. It took a long time to get it in the tree and many attempts at throwing a rock with string attached over branches narrowly missing rush hour traffic. But worth it in the end donít you think?

A close up view of the feed point from the same position. The feeder is coax threaded through a piece of plastic twice and soldered to the antenna elements. This being a dipole I found it easy to make because it was just two simple connections. I have wrapped it in insulation tape and also filled the inside with mastic so that the connections are sealed from each other and the outside!

This is where the antenna feeder comes in to my shack (my bedroom) it is just hung lightly in the tree but when it gets to the window I have had to secure it so when the window is open it doesnít fall out!

A picture of the underside of the feedpoint and antenna

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